Percentage Change Gap Fill

This task was made to give loads of practice of using decimal multipliers, while introducing reverse percentage problems, and developing a conceptual understanding of the various additive and multiplicative relationships underpinning percentages. The follow-up task brings in ideas of primeā€¦

Substitution and Solving Equations

This is a series of tasks used with Y7 to give practice of algebraic substitution while introducing the concept of solving equations. Lots more details in the tweet thread! Tweet thread: Editable PowerPoint:

Factor Trees

This is a set of (rather tricky) factor tree completion problems. Solutions are animated to reveal when clicking the circles! Original Tweet:

Straight-Line Graphs and Sequences

This is a great selection of tasks from Charlotte Hawthorne, that I adapted for teaching Straight-Line Graphs and Linear Sequences in parallel (if you’ll pardon the pun). Original Tweet:

Dotty Areas

These are some tasks (inspired by the likes of Don Steward, Helen Konstantine and Professor Smudge) that aim to develop an understanding of area through shapes on dotty grids. These allow for loads of different approaches and ways of thinkingā€¦

Sine Rule?

A simple and rather open-ended task that invites a number of different approaches. Original tweet: