Percentage Change Gap Fill

This task was made to give loads of practice of using decimal multipliers, while introducing reverse percentage problems, and developing a conceptual understanding of the various additive and multiplicative relationships underpinning percentages. The follow-up task brings in ideas of prime…

No More Primes

This is a (likely unoriginal) game based on the delightful No More Jockeys, as played by Mark Watson, Alex Horne and Tim Key: How to Play (for 2+ players/teams):On each turn, players name a number plus a category that…

Gattegno Tens Chart

I couldn’t find a Gattegno Chart template I liked online, so I made my own. See editable PowerPoint below containing the following: Black and White and Colour versions, Versions going from thousandths to both thousands and hundred thousands (with a…

Substitution and Solving Equations

This is a series of tasks used with Y7 to give practice of algebraic substitution while introducing the concept of solving equations. Lots more details in the tweet thread! Tweet thread: Editable PowerPoint:

Factor Trees

This is a set of (rather tricky) factor tree completion problems. Solutions are animated to reveal when clicking the circles! Original Tweet:

Straight-Line Graphs and Sequences

This is a great selection of tasks from Charlotte Hawthorne, that I adapted for teaching Straight-Line Graphs and Linear Sequences in parallel (if you’ll pardon the pun). Original Tweet:

CIMT Complete PDF

This is a link to all the CIMT practice books merged into one searchable, fully-indexed, 2100 page PDF.It is rather handy indeed! I also have a collated answer book, please DM me on twitter for a copy: Original…

50 Mathematical Quotations

Wall display featuring 50 quotes about mathematics. Editable PowerPoint (download first!): … (note: to edit the text, you will have to either convert to a different font, or download it from …) Original Tweet: