No More Primes

This is a (likely unoriginal) game based on the delightful No More Jockeys, as played by Mark Watson, Alex Horne and Tim Key:

How to Play (for 2+ players/teams):
On each turn, players name a number plus a category that number falls under.
That number and category are then eliminated, and subsequent numbers named must not fall under that category.
If a player cannot think of a number, or names a number in a category that has been eliminated, they are out of the game.
Last player left playing wins!

As more categories are added it gets harder, and eventually impossible, to name any more numbers, becoming a test of both mathematics and memory!

A very simple game, but one that allows for a lot of practice of concepts including factors, multiples, primes, negatives, fractions,…

I can’t wait to try it out with my Year 7s!


Approved by Tim Key himself!